bride's cell phone:
bride's cell phone:
groom's cell phone:
groom's cell phone:
(i.e. - details, bride + groom portraits, candids of Aunt Betty, etc.)
Will there be a 'first look' before the ceremony?
Will you have a receiving line after the ceremony or a grand exit?
(i.e. - confetti/bubbles/rice)
Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?
Just a reminder, I do not photograph during signs of respect (i.e. - 'now let us pray.')
Is there a cocktail hour?
Will dinner be . . .
Speeches are taking place . . .
Will the photographer be provided with a meal?
NOTE: I highly recommend that the photographer eats at the same time as the bride + groom, so that once finished eating, the photographer is ready for speeches and/or the couple's requests.
Will you have a grand exit at the end of the evening?
Would you like it photographed?
Just a reminder, I capture fewer photographs during dinner, because the majority of guests don't enjoy being photographed while they eat the delicious food provided. However, my work resumes during dessert — let them eat cake!

As you've probably noticed, I don't take too many overly posed photos on the wedding day. However, I do feel that it is essential to capture casually posed groups of the family or close friends. These photographs usually take place immediately following the ceremony or right before the ceremony (details to be confirmed by you). In order to make this process less confusing for all parties, I would appreciate your help in organizing formal groups; below are the standard groupings (taking 20-25 minutes).

bride + groom with bride's parents

bride with siblings

bride + groom with bride's parents, siblings, and grandparents

bride + groom with groom's parents

groom with siblings

bride + groom with groom's parents, siblings, and grandparents

You can estimate an average of 3-4 minutes per grouping; when everyone is present and ready to smile! Please consider this when adding groups to the list. Please communicate to everyone participating in the formal photographs prior, so that time is not wasted searching for missing individuals. If you wish to add extended family into formal photographs, I recommend taking one large bride/groom side photograph as opposed to multiple smaller groupings. If there are other groupings you wish to have taken, please communicate to photographer.