My goodness . . . your wedding day is just around the corner! I hope you both are enjoying every single day of the wedding planning process. Remember to enjoy it. This only happens once!

Thank you for taking the time to fill-out my Wedding Photography Guide. Now that last-minutes details have probably fallen into place I'd love for you to complete this timeline form. It allows me to be punctual and know how to pack my equipment bags for your big day.

Thanks so much!

Please remember to have these items ready upon my arrival.
Generally this consists of last-minute details such as: shoes, bow ties, cuff links and cigars.
(if applicable)
If you're doing a first look, I recommend taking these photographs before the ceremony.
Please allow at least 20 minutes for these portraits.
Including: father-daughter, mother-son, and anniversary dances
Please account for if the grand exit is being photographed. i.e. - sparkler exit