Oh, Hello!

My name is Ashley, but White Woodland is my lifestyle + wedding photography business. Why? Because my ideal wedding is a beautiful, intimate gathering in the middle of the woods.

My mission is to photograph love in its simplest form. All you need is natural light, yourself and the people you love.

I'm a dreamer. I dream about marrying the love of my life. I dream about getting a puppy. I dream about restoring my grandparent’s old farmhouse. I dream about expanding my work to filmmaking.

I am a Wisconsinite (Minnesotan for college) who can’t decide which state is better. Farmers markets, yoga, and being outside are some of my favorites.


Let's get real:

Absolutely everything you read above is 100% true! But on a day-to-day level I want to provide full transparency. Photography is my nights + weekends passion [gasp].

I have a full (9-5pm) job during the week. What does this mean for you? Well, you might receive email responses late at night or freakishly early in the morning. And, the turn-around time of your photographs might be 2-3 weeks longer than other photographers. But remember this. I'm crazy passionate about photography — meaning I'm crazy passionate about your photographs. I work on each photograph in detail, and take a maximum of 10 weddings each year. 

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